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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Module 2 Web 2.0 tools – Wikis & Podcasts

I am reflecting in utilising a customised wiki for my assignment two project.  Perhaps a (private/client) wiki could be used to create a knowledge database of information to be updated by each member.     The benefits of using a wiki:
      ·         Barrier entry low enough for non-technical users
·         The site remains secure – by the wiki manager approving user accounts on the site before they  become active.
·         A place to post their research and to build a knowledge database for future members
Considering the years of experience of all of the team, this idea is another application or purpose in maximising both the social networking and web 2.0 engagement of the group.
This group would need to look beyond the marketing aspect of some generic social media companies(Facebook and Twitter) and look at utilising web 2.0 tools to its full potential. 
The added potential is:
  •  better service to the community
  • critical thinking of existing information
  • to encourage independent thinking
  • team involvement
  • the ability to track data through informally archiving experiences.   
Eric Stoller (2012) in his article on (higher education) engagement confirms the above, believing that to maintain a member to member or institution to member relationship we must look beyond the corporate social media marketing “best practices.”
This heading link made me wonder why I don’t utilise these fantastic podcasts more regularly!  At present I only use a podcast for a TV program I may have missed whereas now I will scan the NSW Library link for interesting discussions to view in the future.  This is an application where you need more hours in a day or lucky enough if you catch a bus to work!
For my project I will endeavour  to find some useful podcasts to link to my blog/wiki/bookmarking site.
These links were found off the ACT Health Library – Nursing and Midwifery portal where  I will endeavour to add similar resources to the web 2.0 tools of choice.
Impactednurse.com (Canberra Hospital)


·         Videos in Clinical Medicine [New Enland Journal of Medicine] - Umbilical Vascular Catheterization, Peripheral Intravenous Cannulation, Central Venous Catherization, Chest Tube Insertion, Bone Marrow Aspiration and Biopsy, as well as basic Splinting and Blood-Pressure Measurement.


·         Introducing Evidence-Base Nursing - Rebecca Kolb

Patient Information sources

·         HealthInsite
·         MedlinePlus
·         Atlas of the Body

ACT Health Library. (2012). Retrieved from http://tch.anu.edu.au/index.php?option=com_frontpage&Itemid=1

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