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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Project proposal sent to the group.

Week 1. Monday 13 August - send proposal to LCMS

Email sent to the community manager to present at the meeting on Thursday 16th August.

Project summary:

The project is to research and implement a social networking service using web tools for an existing and engaged community.   LCMS is perfect for this!  This is what I have in mind.  
  • A Blog (Wordpress) - Similar to an intranet for the group without it being linked to an official website.  The advantage of blog with an LCMS title is that you can add your own content ie staff profiles and local information/resources about the service in a conversational way that could appeal to your patients.
  • A Microblog (Yammer) - Similar to Twitter but a more corporate and secure interface. Individual groups (communities) within departments use this (ie NSW Education department over its geographic range) to converse for updates both work related and social.  Each member can utilise this to post instant updates for patient followup.  This would be strictly for staff only.
  • A Bookmark site. (Delicious) - This is a personal or group online library site where you can send any useful weblink, blog, articles that you find along the way.  The benefits are that each team member can create labels or tags for each group of resources. 
  • The whole concept of implementing this is sharing information with your immediate community with instant access via mobile phone.
 If you could confirm if it is okay with everyone to call it LCMS and give ANY critical feedback of what you do and don't need.   For example if there are too many tools to manage (so it can manage itself), so as to delete the use and responsibility of a "community manager."

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